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Purlin Roll Forming Machines Overview

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Purlin Roll Forming Machines Overview

Efficiency and precision are vital in developing construction and manufacturing. The purlin roll forming machine appeared and significantly changed metal fabrication.

This blog explains the basics of purlin roll forming machines, including what these machines are, their indispensable features, how they work, and the projects they manufacture.

What is a Purlin Roll Forming Machine?

At its core, a purlin roll forming machine transforms metal sheets into purlins, crucial structural members used in roofing and building frameworks. These machines meticulously bend metal—usually steel—into specific profiles (C, Z, or U shapes) through rollers. The end product is essential for supporting and stabilizing roofing systems, particularly in large industrial and commercial buildings.

3 Main Types: C, Z, U Purlin Roll Forming Machines

C, Z, and U purlin roll forming machines suit different construction projects, including the type of loads the structure will bear, the span between supports, and the ease of installation needed.

1. C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

C purlin machines are engineered to produce C-shaped sections efficiently. The design and technology behind these machines allow for rapid production without sacrificing accuracy.

  • Flexibility: Many C purlin machines offer adjustable width and height settings, enabling the production of C purlins in various sizes without the need for changing the roll tools.

  • Automation: These machines often come with fully automated control systems, including programmable logic controllers (PLC), which allow for precise control over production parameters such as length, quantity, and punching patterns.

  • Speed and Efficiency: Designed for high-speed operation, C purlin roll forming machines can produce large volumes of purlins quickly, significantly reducing project lead times.

2. Z Purlin Roll Forming Machine

Z purlin machines specialize in producing Z-shaped sections, which are known for their ability to offer greater structural support, particularly for roofing applications.

  • Design Flexibility: Similar to C purlin machines, Z purlin machines are capable of adjusting to produce different sizes of Z purlins, accommodating a wide range of structural requirements.

  • Advanced Features: Many Z purlin machines include features such as pre-punching and pre-cutting, which prepare the metal strips before forming, reducing the time to adjust post cutter and without cutting waste.

  • Durability: These machines are built to withstand heavy-duty usage, featuring robust construction and components designed for longevity and consistent performance under industrial conditions.

3. U Purlin Roll Forming Machine

U purlin machines produce U or channel-shaped sections, offering a versatile solution for various construction needs.

  • Versatility: U purlin machines are notable for their versatility, not only in the sizes of purlins they can produce but also in their application across different construction scenarios.

  • Customization: They can be equipped with customized roll tools to accommodate specific profile requirements, making them suitable for specialized projects.

  • Operational Efficiency: With options for manual, semi-automatic, or fully automatic operations, U purlin machines are designed for optimal efficiency. Advanced models may include touchscreen interfaces for easy operation and adjustments.

Features and Benefits of Purlin Roll Forming Machines

Purlin roll forming machines are integral to modern construction, offering a blend of technological innovation and practical functionality.


1. High Production Speed

Machines are capable of producing purlins at a rate of up to 25 meters per minute.

2. Advanced Modular Design

Ensures a high universal rate of parts interchangeability and simplifies maintenance.

3. Automated Control Technology

Boasts automated settings for high precision and efficiency, with excellent man-machine interaction.

4. Versatile Specification Options

Offers electrical control for various production specifications, including automatic feeding and cutting.

5. Environmentally Friendly Operation

The production process emits no heat, carbon, or harmful gases.

6. Broad Industrial Application

Suitable for diverse settings like factories, warehouses, and exhibition halls.


1. Enhanced Efficiency

The swift production capability allows for meeting tight construction schedules and high demand.

2. Low Maintenance Costs

Modular design and interchangeability of parts lead to reduced maintenance time and costs.

3. Increased Production Accuracy

Automation and precise control technology ensure consistent quality and dimensional accuracy in purlins.

4. Flexibility in Production

The ability to select different specifications on the fly caters to customized construction needs without manual reconfiguration.

5. Sustainable Manufacturing

The eco-friendly nature of the machine aligns with sustainable building practices, offering a greener production alternative.

6. Wide-Ranging Use

Applicable in various construction environments, increasing the machine's utility and value across projects.

How Purlin Roll foming Machines Work

The purlin roll forming machine is designed for continuous and automated operation, ensuring high efficiency, consistent product quality, and minimal need for manual intervention. This is vital for precision in large-scale production.

1. Decoiler

The decoiler unwinds the coiled metal material (usually steel) and feeds it into the machine.

2. Feeding Guide Device

After uncoiling, the metal sheet enters the feeding guide device, which aligns the metal sheet correctly before it enters the main roll forming mill.

3. Punching Device

The punching device comes next if the purlin design requires holes for bolts or other fasteners. This device punches holes at specified locations with precision. In some roll forming lines, the punching can be integrated into the roll forming process or performed as a separate pre-punch operation.

4. Roll Forming Mill

The main component of the line is the roll forming mill, which consists of a sequence of stations with pairs of rollers. These rollers progressively shape the flat metal sheet into the desired purlin profile (C, Z, or U shapes). The exact number of stations varies depending on the complexity of the profile and the material thickness.

5. PLC System (Programmable Logic Controller)

The PLC system controls the entire operation, from feeding to cutting. It ensures that all components work harmoniously and according to the programmed specifications, such as length, number of pieces, and punching patterns.

6. Hydraulic Post-cutting Device

Once the metal is formed into the purlin shape, the hydraulic post-cutting device trims the continuous metal strip into lengths as per the set requirements. This step occurs after the roll forming process, hence the term 'post-cutting.'

7. Exit Rack

The finished purlins are then moved onto the exit rack where they are collected and ready for bundling, storage, or shipment. Some exit racks may also have automated sorting or stacking systems to organize the finished purlins efficiently.

Purlin Structure By Purlin Roll Forming Machine

For TATA BLUESCOPE STEEL Project in India.


Purlin roll forming machines deliver high-quality purlins swiftly and precisely, making them indispensable in modern construction. Ready to elevate your construction projects with the efficiency and precision of BMS purlin roll forming machines? Contact us today to discover the customized solution for your needs.

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