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The Beginner’s Guide to Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

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The Beginner’s Guide to Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

Efficiency, durability, and insulation are vital in construction and manufacturing. One product that ticks all these boxes is the mineral wool sandwich panel. These panels are widely recognized for their excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties, making them indispensable in various applications, including industrial facilities, commercial buildings, and residential housing.

This blog will introduce the basics of mineral wool sandwich panel production lines and the machines.

Mineral Wool Sandwich Panels Introduction

Mineral wool sandwich panels comprise two layers of structural boards with mineral wool insulation in between. The mineral wool, made from basalt or slag, is known for its fire resistance, thermal insulation, and soundproofing capabilities. These panels are versatile, energy-efficient, and sustainable, making them popular in modern construction projects.

Working Process of Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

1. Decoiling System

This initial step involves the unwinding of metal coils, which are the primary materials for the sandwich panels. The hydraulic uncoiler smoothly feeds the metal sheet into the production line, ensuring a constant and controlled supply.

2. Roll Forming Syetem

Roll forming is where the actual shaping of the metal sheets into the desired profile occurs.

3. Mineral-Wool/EPS Board Feeding System

Consist of Board conveyor & Lifter, Board cutting machine, and Intersection & angle conveyor ,cutting mineral wool material in accordance with the thickness of sandwich panel ,and supplies it to the equipment continuously.

4. Adhesive(Glue) System

It is a type of adhesive coating equipment, available in several types, such as hybrid and spray coating. The hybrid model is widely used worldwide because it is relatively inexpensive and durable. Spray coating can save the discharge and application amount of glue, while the price is slightly higher.

5. Laminating System

The shape of the sandwich panel is formed by applying constant pressure and temperature to the upper and lower steel plates coated with adhesive. Compared with the double belt conveyor system, the rubber roller system's lamination device has lower power consumption, lower price, and maintains good product flatness.

6. Cutting System

The cutting system that cuts sandwich panel fabricated by Laminating Unit to the length desired by users using a band saw. Different types cutting such as wheel cutting and band saw cutting have been developed to meet different customer’s needs.

7. PLC Control System

Our company adopts the latest generation of industrial control system, the input production parameters after industrial control system can automatically complete the length shear, quantitative production, such as process, operator control production line and modify control parameters, and real-time monitoring equipment running status, operating parameters and fault indication, etc.,

The system has the advantages of simple operation, stable operation, energy saving and environmental protection. The components of this system adopt Taiwan and international famous brands, with high reliability and low maintenance cost.

8. Exit Rack

The finished panels are then conveyed to the exit racks. These racks hold the panels before they are moved to the next stage of production or prepared for shipment. Typically, two racks are used to streamline the handling process.

Components of Mineral Wool Sandwich Panel Production Line

Several components work in unison to transform raw materials into high-quality mineral wool sandwich panels, insulating panels suitable for a wide range of construction applications.

Hydraulic Decoiler

This device uses hydraulic power to smoothly uncoil steel or aluminum rolls, ensuring that the metal feeds into the production line without tangling or damage. This provides a steady supply of metal sheets for the production line.

Hydraulic Decoiler

Roof/Wall Panel Roll Forming System

The roll forming machine gradually bends the metal sheets into the final shape.

Wall Panel Roll Forming System

Sandwich Panel Laminator With Bottom Plate Forming Machine

Feeding device and Bottom plate forming machine

Sandwich Panel Laminator With Bottom Plate Forming Machine

Sandwich Panel Laminator With Bottom Plate Forming Machine 2

Sandwich Panel Laminator

The rock wool sandwich panel laminator adjusts its pressure system and heating system to the appropriate state, stacking the rock wool sandwich panel materials that need to be bonded together. Subsequently, the laminator performs "pressing" and "heating" treatments to make the adhesion between these materials more firm.

In this process, the transmission system links the pressure and heating system to ensure that the material receives uniform heating and pressure effects.

Sandwich Panel Laminator

Saw Cutting Device

Type of Cutting:Band Saw

Required Power:3 Kw x 2

Thickness of Panel:40mm – 200mm

Length of Panel:1200mm – 30000mm

Movement of Cutter: 2000mm (cylinder distance)

Saw cutting device

With T Shape Cutting Device

Accurately cut the rock wool sandwich panel according to specific T-shaped dimensions. This type of device is usually equipped with specialized cutting saw blades or cutting wheels, which can efficiently and accurately complete cutting tasks.

With T shape cutting device

PLC Control System

1) Adopts PLC control technology, frequency adjust speed technology, realize the automatic production.

2) Friendly human-machine interface system can be set batches to the workpiece, length, quantity, etc.

3) The mode of operation: touch screen + buttons.

4) Encoder count, having function of count and measuring length.


PLC Control System

From its foundation in South Korean technology to its capacity to produce panels with exceptional heat insulation and sound absorption qualities, BMS mineral wool sandwich panels production line stands out for both leveraging the discontinuous type for lower investment costs and meeting stringent fire resistance standards.

South Korea Project

South Korea Project

We invite you to reach out with inquiries or interests in bringing these benefits to your projects. Let's discuss how we can collaborate to meet your construction needs with the cutting-edge solutions that BMS offers.

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