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What is a cold roll forming machine?

The cold roll forming machine is a machine that continuously bends metal plates and strips such as coils and strips to form a plastic processing technology for specific cross-section profiles through sequential multi-roll forming stations. roll forming machine HS code:845522


BMS Hot Sales roll forming machines include: Stud and track roll forming machines, CZ purlin machines(Semi-Automatic or Fully Automatic type for option, one machine for multi C/U/Z purlins, no need to change rollers, spacers and cutters like traditional machines, Heavy Duty type can work up to 4mm with Web up to 40mm ), standing seam metal roof roll forming machines(With Taper for options, can produce worldwide popular KALZIP,LYSAGHT,BEMO,KINGSPAN,CHERNG JI,SSH Multipro, ZAMIL STEEL style Standing Seam Roof Panels, which have no maintenance and service costs after installation. The matched curving machine and automatic taper model are also available), steel coil slitting machines and cut-to-length lines(Taiwan design and quality standard), storage, shelving and racking roll forming lines, scaffolding roll forming machines, electric roof seamers, etc.

How do roll forming machines work?

How do roll forming machines work?
  • The first part is decoiler, which helps to feed the metal material entry, where workers slide in a coil or piece of sheet metal into the main roll forming machine, and the entire process is continuous. The material glides along the device as it makes rolls or punches. 

The second part is the critical component of the mechanism-roll forming Stations, where the metal is rolled or punched. Every machine may have a different number of roll forming stations, depending on final formed profile shape, material thickness, production speed ,etc. 

The third part of the roll forming machine is the cut-off section, where PLC control system comes into play(it combined with: PLC, inverter, touch screen and encoder, etc.),and the operator just inputs production lot, quantity, punching hole setting on touch screen length, then the roll forming machine will finish the roll forming/punching/cutting automatically based on your set specifications on touch screen.

Manual Decoiler/ Hydraulic Decoiler → Feeding Guide Device → Leveling→Optional Pre-Punching and Pre-Cutting→Main Roll Forming Mill → Hydraulic Post Cutter → PLC Control System  →Exit Rack

Common cold roll forming machine types & products

Xiamen BMS Group manufactures wide range products of metal sheet cold roll forming machines as follows: stud and track roll forming machines(automatic type change type), CZ purlin machines(quick change type), standing seam roof panel roll forming machine, slitting cut-to-length line, portable roll forming machine, metal roll forming machine, roof roll forming machine, sheet metal roll forming machines, ceiling T bar roll forming machine, steel rolling shutter slat roll forming machine, corrugated roll forming machine, floor decking machine, ridge cap roll forming machine, door frame forming machine,Solar Frame Roll Forming Machine,Highway Guardrail  Machine,Silo Corrugated Panel Forming Machine, Roll Forming Machines for Storage Shelving and Racking,Tube&Pipe Roll Forming Machine,PU/PIR sandwich panel production line,Fire Damper and VCD Frame Roll Forming Machines,Scaffolding Roll Forming Line, cable tray machine, etc., as well as auxiliary machine for Pre Engineered Buildings(PEB), etc. 

BMS also design the machines based on customized requirements and drawings.

BMS Upright Roll Forming Machine can produce worldwide popular Heavy Duty Racking &Light Duty Racking System upright, which are popular to used in Supermarket,Warehouse, etc. This Upright roll forming solution capabilities with optional high speed punching press or on-line servo punching for high precision punching on web and flange.Material thickness 2.0-3.0mm with yield strength 235-550Mpa. BMS Upright could use full yield strength G550 to form 3.0 mm thickness steel.Use bevel cut 45 degrees, cut with three knives, make the finish product more beautiful.

5 Station Electric Seamer for Metal Roofing5 Station Electric Seamer for Metal Roofing: Stock available for immediate shipment to worldwide. The machine is self propelled with hands free operation. Producing a 90° and/or180°finished seam profile, this machine is recommended to use with 22-26 gauge(0.3-0.8mm) panels. The seaming machine uses a special magnetic motor, and the power is increased to 24KW.No matter how steep the slope is, it can climb up and the motor does not heat up, and the speed can reach 20M/min(67FPM).

BMS High Speed Drywall Partition Roll Forming Machine with production speed 40m/80m/120m (133FPM/266FPM/400FPM) per minute for options. Ideal for start-up facilities or looking to increase production, it is engineered for high volume and high quality. Knauf style and Saint Gobain style Floor&ceiling channel,Runner,Omega,Angle and J trim channels available. European free standing type frame design, equipped with servo motor flying cutter. Optional forming station with Gear Box transmission, more stable and long working life. Automatic Drywall Partition packaging equipment also available for options.

Standing Seam Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine (With Taper) can produce worldwide popular KALZIP,LYSAGHT,BEMO,KINGSPAN,CHERNG JI,LCP,NTM SSH Multipro,ZAMIL STEEL style Standing Seam Roof Panels, which have no maintenance and service costs after installation. The matched curving machine and automatic taper model are also available. It is available to produce roof products of plate and arch types and the angle and length of arch can be easily adjusted. BMS Standing Seam Roof Panel Roll Forming Machine can be mounted in a 20ft or 40 ft container to became a mobile roll forming factory, which is suitable for jobs with very long roof runs, complex shapes or both,BMS Rollforming on-site reduces the risks in transport and handling of very long panels, eliminates step and expansion joints and allows precise matching of production with installation schedules.

How to operate a cold roll forming machine?
- Guide for Beginners

  • Step 1
    •  Place the machine 

      Put the machine in the right place;

      Check if the machine position is placed on the horizontal line

      Put the decoiler about 2- 3 meters in front of the machine

  • Step 2
    •  Charge the hydraulic oil 

      Open the cover of the hydraulic station oil tank;

      Charge No. 46 or No.68 hydraulic oil into the oil tank;

      The oil will reach at least 75% of the oil tank scale,

      But not more than 90%

  • Step 3
    •  Connect the power line 

      Prepare for safety work before connecting power;

      Open the PLC cabinet door;

      Firstly, connect three fire wires labeled L1, L2, L3 to three terminals of L1, L2, L3 in PLC cabinet correspondingly.

      Then Connect the ground wire marked PE to the PE terminal of the control cabinet

  • Step 4
    •  Place the material steel coil 

      Put the material coil into the decoiler

      Lock the brake

  • Step 5
    •  Checking the machine completely 

      Check whether there are abnormal objects in the machine;

      Check whether there is any loosening of machine fasteners;

      Check whether there is any abnormal objects in the transmission system;

      Check whether the transmission shaft lubrication is sufficient

      Check whether the loosening of cutting blade fasteners;

      Check whether there is enough lubrication in the cutting blade;

      Check whether the hydraulic system is normal;

      Check whether the hydraulic system connection parts are loose;

      Check whether the sliding of manual pre-cutter is normal;

      Check whether the counter wheel turns smoothly;

      Check whether there is any loosening of each line in the control cabinet

  • Step 6
    •  Test running of the machine 

      Connect the power line to the machine;

      Turn on the main power switch;

      Power on;

      Waiting for the start of the control system;

      Open the emergency stop button;

      Manual test the machine forward and backward running;

      Check whether the machine forward and backward rotation is normal;

      Start the hydraulic station;

      Manual testing run of the post cutter;

      Check whether the cutting is abnormal;

      The machine runs for 2 minutes with no load (without the material);

      Check whether the machine is running abnormally and whether there is vibration.

  • Step 7
    •  Start the production 

      Put the materials feeding into the machine;

      Roll Forming;

      When the material is 20-30mm away from the post cutter mouth;

      Enter the mouth of the post cutter slowly;

      Manual cutting the material head;

      Switch on the machine interface of PLC cabinet

      Enter into the production interface (data setting)

      Setting the batch, length, and quantity in turn according to the production task;

      Set the machine’s measurement length back to zero;

      Switch the Production mode into automatic mode;

      Start the main machine’s automatic production;

      Receiving the finished profiles

  • Step 8
    •  Finish the production 

      Switch control system’s automatic mode to manual mode;

      Turn off the hydraulic system;

      Press the emergency stop button;

      Open the PLC cabinet door;

      Turn off the main machine;

      Turn off the power;

      Close the door of PLC cabinet.

We have Professional and Complete cold roll forming production lines

Professional and Complete roll forming production lines

BMS GROUP invested 8 roll forming machine manufacturers in China (totally over 30000 square meters, ISO9001 certificated and 300 Skilled Workers). BMS have manufactured wide range of metal sheet  roll forming production lines (including customized 

service) over 20 years. BMS roll forming machines got CE certification issued by SGS. Main Customers: China State Construction(CSCEC),TATA BLUESCOPE STEEL, LCP Building Products(member of LYSAGHT Group of Companies), Zamil Steel, etc. Exported to over 80 countries and regions with Taiwan technology and quality standard but in China price. BMS roll forming machines are warranted for 2Years with 7x24 Customer Service. BMS offer Refund Money Policy in case of bad quality. BMS set up our own laboratory for testing, the testing equipment including Rockwell Hardness Tester, Tachometer, Roundness Measuring Instrument, Coating Thickness Gauge and Universal Testing Machine,

Cut to length line
BMS precision slitting line can produce a variety of wall thickness and widths, truly achieve a multi-purpose, widely used in various materials of raw materials.

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BMS have great confidence in the quality and precision of our roll forming machines and we do OEM for Taiwan roll forming machines more than 10years. Our main technology comes from Taiwan, but with China price. BMS cold roll forming machines have been exported to more than 80 countries and regions, including South Korea, Taiwan, UK, Australia, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, etc .WITH BMS YOUR MONEY IN SAFE,YOUR BUSINESS IN SAFE.

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BMS Customer Reviews

The C purlin roll forming machine works very well with automatic running at customer factory,see video.

The stud and track roll forming machine work very well.

This roll forming machine is for Philippines project, working  like our money printer. Thanks BMS!

When I came to China to buy machine first time,I worry about Chinese quality.But when I bought BMS roll forming machine,I found that I am wrong.BMS is professional and do good job,good to deal with them.That's why I bought first machine,second machine,thrid machine,and more.

We ordered more than 8 Roll Forming Machines from BMS,really with Taiwan Quality,but in China Price.They have been in roll forming industry with over 20 years professional experience.Before we bought the roll forming machines from Cangzhou Botou with cheaper prices,but the fucntion and performance are not good.

BMS Machinery was initially established in 1992. In 2017, we became a member of XIAMEN BMS GROUP and invested 8 factories, 6 machining centers and 1 steel structure company in China, which totally covers an area of more than 30000 square meters.

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