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What are the characteristics of good quality roller forming machine?

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What are the characteristics of good quality roller forming machine?

Roll molding machines are very durable equipment and are recognized by many professionals. What kind of frame process is used for roller forming machine? How to choose good quality roller molding equipment?

l Frame technology of roll forming machine

l Wallboard technology of roll forming machine

l How to choose good quality roller forming machine?

Frame technology of roll forming machine

1. The frame is welded with H steel, which has high structural strength, stability and space saving.

2. Often heard H350, H400 and so on indicate that the base is H-type steel, its height is 350MM, 400MM. (The commonly used raw material for our roofing board is H400)

3. Our frame manufacturing, raw materials to our factory after processing and welding into a frame, to stress (natural stress to a longer time, the customer does not ask, try not to say, forced to also can be used as a delay in the delivery of equipment). Then grinding rust removal, spray primer and then spray paint and other industrial processing, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, suitable for a variety of environmental operations.

Wallboard technology of roll forming machine

Q235-A steel plate is used for wall panel, which is usually said to be an industrial A3 plate. It represents steel plate with yield strength of 235MPa and impact temperature of 40 degrees. It is widely used in buildings and engineering structures. (Used for the production of steel bars or the construction of plant frames, high-voltage transmission towers, Bridges, vehicles, boilers, containers, ships, etc., but also a large number of mechanical parts for performance requirements are not too high. C, D grade steel can also be used for some professional steel)

How to choose good quality roller forming machine?

1. The quality of a piece of roller molding equipment out of the plate mainly depends on the forming method, and the forming method is mainly reflected in the roller, so the roller directly affects the value of the equipment. The roller of the tile machine is mostly 45# material (stainless steel is generally 40Cr or GCr15). Its processing technology is: blanking, drilling, rough car, fine car, drawing keyway, polishing before plating, plating, polishing after plating. One of the cutting drilling coarse car pulling keyway all factories little difference. Focus on finishing, electroplating.

2. In order to save money, many factories have no finish turning or semi-extractive turning. As a result, the coaxiality, verticality and dimensions of the wheels are not up to the requirements. Pressure out of the board will appear heavy line, bag, uneven at the bottom, there will be a 90 degree Angle of scraping paint;

3. Electroplating: We are plating before pre-plating polishing, electroplating, post-plating wire drawing polishing, some factories in order to save plating cost, do not polish before plating, plating after polishing only to remove plating burr. The simplest difference is the brightness of the wheels. Not according to the normal process of electroplating is easy to fall off the coating, wheel finish is poor, easy to scratch the surface of the board, easy to rust in wet places.

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