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How to check the cold bending machine before acceptance?

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How to check the cold bending machine before acceptance?

Cold forming mill is an effective equipment to help enterprises to produce. So its quality is critical to the enterprise. Why do we need to inspect the cold forming machine? How to ensure the quality of the cold bending machine?

l Why do we need to inspect the cold forming machine?

l How to check the quality of cold forming machine?

l Conclusion

Why do we need to inspect the cold forming machine?

In the process of selling equipment, customers often report that the equipment ordered before can't be solved after the factory, and the manufacturer can't keep up with the after-sales service, which seriously affects the production, and even the equipment can't be used at all and is directly scrapped. This situation, in the cold bending machine industry, is not uncommon, the main reason is that the choice of equipment manufacturers technology is not good enough, the design is not reasonable, after-sales can not keep up. If we are more serious and strict in the equipment acceptance, such problems can be avoided as far as possible. If there is any problem, the equipment manufacturer can find it in time, ask for modification or even return it directly.

How to check the quality of cold forming machine?

1. Measure the accuracy of molding products. The precision of the product is the key index of whether the whole equipment is qualified. The precision indicates whether the roll design of the cold forming machine is qualified, or whether the debugging is successful. These two items, any unqualified, should be dealt with in the manufacturer first.

2. Check whether the equipment material and electrical brand are in accordance with the contract. The material mentioned here is mainly the material of cold bending roller. The roller material is used well and the processing technology is qualified. The service life of the whole set of equipment will be long. The brand of electrical appliances determines the stability of the circuit control system, which should be produced strictly according to the brand stipulated in the contract.

3. Inspection of automated production. If the continuity of automatic production is not good, it will affect the efficiency of production, or even can not be produced at all. Therefore, we need to buy more steel to bring it to the production factory for test.

4. Inspection of punching die and cutting die. Check whether the punching, cutting is up to standard, check whether the raw edge is too large. Check whether the material of the mold is qualified.

5. Inspection of product surface finish and straightness. These indicators affect the appearance of sales, can not reach the standard case, should be fully handled in the manufacturer.


The problems mentioned above are often encountered in the cold bending machine industry. These problems should be handled well in the production factory and then pulled away the machine. Otherwise, when the machine is pulled to its own factory, it will be difficult to deal with.If you are looking for a good quality and reasonable price of cold forming mill,the BMS company can provide you with the best.

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