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The upright roll forming machine, also known as pallet shelf roll forming line, is developed for the production of Shelving and Racking. Our smart Upright Roll Forming Machine can make upright of various sizes, and the common thickness is 1.5-3.0mm. Decoiling, servo feeding, punching, roll forming, shearing, and other processes can be automatically realized online by our machine.

BMS Upright Roll Forming Machine has the following key features:
• One machine for multi-sizes, with automatic size changeover or manual size changeover for options.
• High chrome-coated bearing steel(=EN31 steel) and high quality tool steel(=D3 steel) combination
• Overflow coolant system for high-quality surfaces
• Hydraulic cutting press system
• Closed loop control system for cut to length
• All electrical equipment is equipped with aviation plugs, which can be plugged and played, easy to connection and disconnect quickly.


Benefits of BMS Upright Rollformer Include:
• Roller kits of all sizes can extend roller life
• Continuous operation and higher productivity
• Stricter part tolerances
• Easy installation and low maintenance

BMS can develop different solutions according to clients' different drawings, tolerances, and budgets, and provide professional customized service to meet different customers’ different requirements. At the same time, we have roll forming lines to manufacture matching box beams, step beams, and shelf panels. All of these are integral parts of a pallet racking system.

The Layout and Specification of Upright Roll Forming Machine

Main Types of Upright Roll Forming Machine

There are mainly three types of upright roll forming machines:

for Light Shelving Systems(like Z Beam Rivet Shelving), for Medium Shelving Systems, and for Heavy Shelving Systems.

1) Upright Roll Forming Machines for Light Shelving Systems

Light Shelving System upright column parameters: about 2m high, 38 * 38 (mm), each layer can withstand a weight of 100-150 KG;

2) Upright Roll Forming Machines for Medium Shelving Systems

The upright size of Medium Shelving Systems is about 80 * 40 (mm), and each layer can bear 200-250 KG. The height of the upright column is 2m;

3) Upright Roll Forming Machines for Heavy Shelving Systems

Heavy Shelving Systems: These types of shelve uprights generally do not have standard specifications and are designed with column specifications based on customer needs. However, there are generally the following situations:
A 1.80*60 (mm) column is less than 3.5m, and the load of each layer is less than 2 tons, and the overall load cannot exceed 8 tons.
B 2.90*67 (mm) column is below 5.5m, and the overall load does not exceed 12 tons;
C. 100*70 (mm) column is below 7m, and the overall bearing is 12-16 (tons);
D.120*95 (mm) column is more than 7m, and the overall load does not exceed 20 tons.

Work Flow and Key Components of Upright Roll Forming Machine

1. 5T Hydraulic Decoiler: one set
Automatically control steel coil inner bore shrinkage and stop,
With an electric control cabinet
Max. feeding width: 23.6inch(600mm),
Coil ID Range: 18.8-21.2 inches (508+/-30mm).
Max capacity: 11023Lbs(5 tons), No feeding power, hydraulic motor : 2.2KW

2. Feeding guide device(with leveling roller)
A left and right guiding device at the main entrance of the machine. During work, Raw materials on both sides of the plate enter into the machine by the left and right guiding devices, make the raw materials, and roll forming system to maintain the correct position. The guiding position can be adjusted by the manual screw mechanism, and the left and right can be adjusted independently.

3. Hydraulic Punching device
1)With Four Sets of punching mould
2)Hydraulic motor: 11kw, Hydraulic pressure range: 0-16Mpa
3)Punching tool material: Cr12Mov=D2 (with at least one million times of punching life), Heat treatment to HRC58-62 degree
4)One Cylinder for punching the holes
4)The cutting power is provided by the main engine hydraulic station.

4. Roll forming system
Roll forming system is composed of a machine frame, transmission parts forming roller group, etc.
1) Body frame made from H450 type steel by welding by welding with beautiful appearance, natural aging treatment, and SR(stress relief) treatment.
2)Side wall thickness: Q235 t18mm
3)Roller wheel adopts GCr15(=534A99), Heat Treatment,HRC58-62
Shafts Diameter=ф75/60mm, precision machined
4) Chain: ZIQIANG (by China TOP 1 brand DONGHUA Group)
Chain size: one inch with 18 teeth
5)Adjusting the upper and lower roll gap by hand screw, to adapt to the plate with different thickness
6)Gear/Sprocket driving, about 18-step to form
7) All the screw bolts with grade 8.8(cheap factories use low grade 4.8) to ensure fix the machine structure tightly and long life during the machine's long time running
8)Main motor:15KW;
9)Real forming speed:12-16m/min

5. Hydraulic cutter(Four Cutting Moulds)
1)The cutting system consists of a cutting machine frame, cutter die cutting cylinder, etc.
2)Cut after roll forming, stop to cut; Cutting tool material adopts Cr12Mov=BD2(with at least one million times of cutting life) ,Heat treatment to HRC58-62
Quick blade change, Three-unit blade
3) The cutting power is provided by the main engine hydraulic station.

6. Electronic PLC control system
1)Using PLC control technology, and variable frequency speed regulation technology, to
realize the automatic production of the whole machine.
2) The system provides a friendly man-machine interface and can set the batch, the length of the work piece, quantity, etc.
3)Operate mode: Touch screen + button.
4)Encoder count, with counting numbers and counting length function.
PLC: Delta(Taiwan brand)/ Schneider/Siemens
Inverter: Delta(Taiwan brand)/ Schneider/Siemens
7-inch Color Touch Screen: WEINVIEW(Taiwan brand)/ Schneider/Siemens
8-Encoder: KOYO / OMRON (Japan brand)
Switch bottom, Indicate light, Power supply, Intermediate relay, AC contactor,
Thermal relay: Schneider Electric
Air Switch: LG-LS(Korea brand)
Cut-to-length tolerance≤±1mm
Control Voltage 24V

7. Exit rack 一3m*2sets
Exit rack, used to support the finished product. Length 3 meters.

Application and Projects

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